Modularized Recruitment Workflow

Hiresimplify presents recruitment process as a step-by-step workflow starting from job-creation to hiring the best candidate. You will be on top of each step no matter how many recruitments you are running. Everything is just one click away.

Access to major online job boards

Besides your corporate job board or email advertisements, HireSimplify makes it easy to advertise your job to all the major job boards. You can reach the best talents and hire the most suitable ones.

Pre-screening questions

HireSimplify enables you to configure set of fully-configurable questions for pre-screening purpose. Each job can have its own set of pre-screening questions. This handy feature is bound to aimed your job much easier.

Ranking Resumes

HireSimplify assists you by letting you assign weights to different aspects of the an individual resume. The numeric ranking gives a quick run down of available resumes and guides to the best one.

Consolidated Dashboard

HireSimplify consolidates all information in one dashboard for convenience. Everyone is covered – Recruiters and Candidates. Moreover, it offers in-built mailboxes for each of communication.

Talent Search

HireSimplify builds a pool of talents for you over a period of time. You can access this pool any time you want. Searching talent from archive makes recruitment gives you a powerful tool to deliver faster and more efficiently.

Full Recruitment Service

HireSimplify team is with you all the way. We offer full recruitment service for you if you require it. No job is small for us. We are ready to be part of your delivery team and bring in the best talents. We offer service starting from Role understanding to complete offer and everything in between. This service can be for specific role or specific project, short term or long term engagement – you have complete freedom to choose. We will make it happen together.